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Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Announced New Cardiovascular Series of e-Books at SACHS Associates 14th Annual Biotech In Europe Forum

Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN



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Please see Further Information on the Sachs Associates 14th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum for Global Investing & Partnering at:




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What VCs Think about Your Pitch? Panel Summary of 1st Pitch Life Science Philly

Reporter: Stephen J. Williams, PhD


The following is a summary of the panel discussions for the  1st Pitch Life Science- Philadelphia: “Eavesdropping on Investors’ Closed Door Discussions” held on September 16, 2014 in Philadelphia.  For synopsis of the meeting see

1st Pitch Life Science- Philadelphia- What VCs Really Think of your Pitch

The meeting, as described by meeting organizer and Steering Committee member of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels Lorraine Marchand, as a “benevolent sharktank”, where presenters get open and honest feedback from experienced venture capitalists on how to improve their pitch and business.  The meeting here in Philadelphia was well attended with” over 70 attendants compareable to the 130 we get in New york”, according to MABA Founder Yaniv Sneor.


A few key points were discussed to improve the presenters future pitches to VC.

  1. Define your technology/product, its purpose, how it fills an unmet need, and how you are unique.
  2. Timelines and Milestones VERY IMPORTANT to have specific dates on when and what you will accomplish.
  3. If your EXIT Strategy involves OUT-LICENSING, it is important to keep this in mind when framing your patent
  4. VC’s want to see a STRONG MANAGEMENT TEAM, preferably a CEO from big pharma if you need to deal with them later
  5. if PITCH sounds too much like a science project VC’s would NOT be interested.  Show also the BUSINESS not just science
  6. know the REGULATORY RISK – talk with the FDA
  7. if market is small, son’t fret, show PROOF OF CONCEPT then show how relates to other markets
  8. show your TANGIBLE ASSETS in your pitch – if you use a new equipment show it,

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1st Pitch Life Science- Philadelphia- What VCs Really Think of your Pitch

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