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Expected New Trends in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medical Devices

Reported: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN


UPDATED on 11/22/2018 – Published Activity on http://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com

  • World Medical Innovation Forum – CARDIOVASCULAR • MAY 1-3, 2017, BOSTON, MA

(a) Real Time Highlights and Tweets: Day 1,2,3: World Medical Innovation Forum – CARDIOVASCULAR • MAY 1-3, 2017, BOSTON, MA

(b) e-Proceedings for Day 1,2,3: World Medical Innovation Forum – CARDIOVASCULAR • MAY 1-3, 2017, BOSTON, MA

(c)  Tweets by @pharma_BI and @AVIVA1950 at World Medical Innovation Forum – CARDIOVASCULAR • MAY 1-3, 2017, BOSTON, MA


UPDATED on 11/22/2018 – External Sources

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Dr. Joseph Loscalzo of BWH, the moderator of  the  Cardiology Panel — NEJM Dialogue in Medicine, June 22, 2012 has asked the Panel members: What are the new innovations to be foreseen by each member of the Panel which included Panelists:

Emelia Benjamin, BMC

Eugene Braunwald, BWH,

Desmond Jordan, Columbia University Medical Center

Thomas Luscher, Professor and Chairman of Cardiology at the University Hospital Zurich and Director of CardioVascular Research at the Institute of Physiology of the University Zurich, Switzerland.

Craig Smith, Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Craig Smith of Columbia University Medical Center bet the future of cardiovascular medical devices on the Implantable Synchronized Cardiac Assist Device which has three version, Left ventricle, Right Ventricle or both

Dr. Eugene Braunwald, Founding Chairman, TIMI Study Group (TIMI stands for ‘Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction’ and is the name of an Academic Research Organization (ARO) that, since it was founded by Dr. Eugene Braunwald in 1984, has conducted numerous practice-changing clinical trials in patients with cardiovascular disease or risk factors for cardiovascular disease, he has expressed anticipation of the next big and much needed to be available — the Multiple Pill, one drug that is a combination drugs of ASA, TZD, BB, ACE, Statin.

On this Scientific Web Site — Frontiers in Cardiology is one of the Research Categories on Cardiovascular disease, research directed by Dr. Aviva Lev-Ari, noted to be of great relevance to the innovations foreseen by Dr. Craig Smith and by Dr. Brounwald, as expressed by them on June 22, 2012 in Boston, MA

To read on Implantable Artificial Heart — go to 

Lev-Ari, A. (2012G).  Heart Remodeling by Design: Implantable Synchronized Cardiac Assist Device: Abiomed’s Symphony


To read on the only currently available Multiple Pill — go to 

Lev-Ari, A. (2012b). Triple Antihypertensive Combination Therapy Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure in Hard-to-Treat Patients with Hypertension and Diabetes


To watch the video of the Cardiology Panel — go to 


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