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10:45AM – 9/30/2014: Keynote Speech by Reinhard Ambros, Global Head, Novartis Venture Fund @14th Global Partnering & Biotech Investment, Congress Center Basel – SACHS Associates, London

Real Time Media Conference Coverage  –  Business and Scientific Channels: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN @ http://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com

Dr. Rosenberg:

List of acquisitions from 2003 to 2014 reviewed.


1. Synergies are overestimated

2. Preserving Culture very important

3. Business drivesrs

4. Bolt on acquisition

5. Flexible deal structure

6. Prepare to take risk within financial responsibility


Science dominates: six divisions: pharma, Sandoz, Alcon — each a Leader and a growth engine in their sectors

Three smaller division


Animal Health

Vaccines \: Maningitis — lacking global scope

Market attractiveness

competitive position

Synergies across division — hard to campture

NEW focus on smaller divisions: Global Scall Growing, Partnering or Diversing

Acquisition of Oncology, selling the Diagnostics. Adjustment of values very difficult.


– M&A vital continues

– other deal structures – precision M&A vs Mega deals

Leadership in key areas of portfolio: Oncology, CHF – early stage partnering with IB, various Groups needs partnerships to maintain strategy outlined.


Early investment with UPenn,  Therapeutics unit, Oncology and autoimmune diseases,

Tracking CHF, Immunology, oncology, Opthalmology — no dogmatic view. NOT active in HIV, HTN, advances not clear

11:00 AM Investment 

Reinhard Ambros, Global Head, Novartis Venture Fund

Investment vs Reserves, active VCs, if a deal is made, imitation by other investors. VCs to be chosen if they can carry a transaction throughout the cycle.

US Inverstments in 2013 30 Billion

Healthcare: 5 Billion

In 2013 Series D declined 2011 – 2012 – 2013, same trend with Series F 77% decline

  • European investments are ~30 – 50% smaller vs US Investments
  • Return multipis of Healthcare VC funds over time
  • Cash-on-Cash multiple performance Health Care VC: 12 years to get your money nback, 34% never get their money back.
  • 2013 in the target zone – 5% returned x2 on original investment.
  • Why is it so hard? BENEFIT/RETURN: Innovation for Patients must be Superior
  • Unmet need/Therapeutic Impact; Management Experience: Novel proprietary Science/understanding the Mechanism: Capital efficiency
  • 5+ New Investments per year 2011-2014: Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Devices
  • 2/3 US, East Coast and West Coast
  • UK and Switzerland in Europe
  • NVF – EXITS 2012, 2013, 2014: Oncology – Celegene; Oncology -Inflammation: Takeda-Millenium; TTR amyloid: Pfizer; Vaccines: Takeda- Millenium
  • Novartis Venture Fund: Innovative and Successful
  • NVF Structure:
  • – evergreen fund structure: >55 private companies; $900 M
  • INVENTORS: Biotech great: INVESTORS: endurance, differential advantage – matters

Chaired by: 


Genghis Lloyd-Harris, Partner, Abingworth LLP

NOW LIVE: Creative Destruction – 7 Panel Members of the Panel

1. First time investment, market was 13 billion, one investment was 11Billion, undervaluation of Pharmatech, How many in Europe

2. Pace of new companies formation, if too many companies, not enough finance available

3. Is early stage very risky, yet?

4. Distructive technolotion, why they are distructive?

5. CEO first time – vs. a decade of experience – how to handle a VC?



  • Barbara Dalton, VP Venture Capital, Pfizer Inc. #6

Last 3 years 15 investments, 1/2 in Europe, no 1st rounds, After 2008, slow revival, 2009, or 2013 — new comapnies were form, the system will sort, if biotech are started, more time to incubate. Distructive Category: Not therapeutics, but in PLATFORMS, EpiC, STCS – diagnose of Cancer, Celegyne – gene therapy in large populations, Manufacturing technology – Global manufacturing, shipping containers, vs stainless steel, plug and play mobile for manufacturing, parts for this platform. Big Iron, MRI, radiation treatment and Oncology treatment not in sequence but in same time – Chemo therapy development will benefit.

– Pitch — first time CEO, sales person, not Car salesman, in depth in the Science, finance is not enough. Scientists, needs to realize that they are tested by VCs, 1st time CEO, after PostDOcs, Microfluidics from Stanford represent success.

– Importance of the CEO, changing CEO occurs frequently, , Former CEO  to become CSO and stay in the company, bring a new CEO, understand pharmaceutical development, coaching CEOs by VCs -firing CEO, on a regular basis provide feedback.

  • Björn Odlander, Founding Partner, HeathCap #7 – 1 Billion

Majority in Europe 2 out of 7 start ups

– #3 in Europe, per capita, Sweeden, UK, in Europe behind the US – syndication business, more VCs are needed in Europe

more VCs to form an ecosystems, Risks in Biologics exists. – NO platform and No diagnostics. In Therapeutics: opportunities: Pre R&D, regulatory not a constraints

  • Carole Nuechterlein, Head of Roche Venture Fund Basel #1

Basel, S. SF,

3 never had investment 2 in Europe, one tools, one diagnostics

– do not be in a hurry, investment is like drops, in the US the amount of money is more generous

– focus on chemistry, sindicate, we expect companies to fail, part of the risk equation

– best in class, first in class innovative technology — they are distructive, revolution of the technology

– trust, transparency, communicate with VCs by CEOs, partnership is really important, ability to listen

  • Christopher Earl, Sr. Advisor, MERCK Research Fund, US, #5 Early Stage

Series A deals but nor originations, hoping VPs to build resumes, geographic concentration, pull resources to get $100Million

CEo needs ability to pick up and put up with VCs

  • Deborah Harland, General Partner, SR One #3

12 transaction 9 Early stage, 3 in Europe, not UK

– Advice to companies – you are nor yet ready, in Europe we need more VC to do Early Stage

– In the UK, Progenitor Cells generation, Progenital Therapeutics, discover cells for novice therapeutics

– CEO vs. the Founder, does not be the same, Mentorships, relations wiht Board sensitive

  • Janis Naeve, Managing Director, Amgen Ventures #4

Eight investments since 2011 2 Europeans

– 100 companies formed , not enough capital is not an issue, Management is a bottle neck

– Citros Biotech, next generation protein manufacturing, biochemical reaction, fast mix test on structure of proteins

– CEO, experience vs Enthusiasm – some go together not always. Don’t ever surprise your Investors or Board Room Members

  • Markus Hosang, General Partner, BioMedPartners AG #2

Europe focus, 6 investments, 10-11 mezzanine

EU is a considerations

– if the start is too small, management needs scrutinized

– first indication, Must be Oncology, some platform are not all

– Well balanced iwth VCs, Partners, no surprise by bad news, CSO vs CEO, some young postdocs do grow into CEOs

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9:15AM – 9/30/2014: Public Markets and M&A  @14th Global Partnering & Biotech Investment, Congress Center Basel – SACHS Associates, London

Real Time Media Conference Coverage  –  Business and Scientific Channels: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN @ http://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com

9:30AM – Keynote Speech by Anthony Rosenberg, Head of Business Development and Licensing, Novartis Pharma AG – “Global M&A: a Novartis Perspective” 

Chaired by: 

  • Stephanie Léouzon, Principal and Head of Torreya Partners Europe, Torreya Partners

Presenting the panel.

Biotech sector, since 1/103, 30% increase, European Biotech up 72%, US Biotech up 100%. Large deals,

Summarizing at 10AM: Is it critical for the US to be engaged in inversion of taxation.


  • David Colpman, Former Head Global Business Development at Shire

New CEO, new leadership, six companies were bought, major product for Dry eye and fibrosis. Among the strongest prospects in the industry. Tax inversion an issue in the industry. Pfizer and AstraZeneca no deal.

  • Marco Superina, Head M&A Switzerland, Head of Healthcare M&A Europe, Credit Suisse AG

Inversions: Europe Pfizer and AstraZeneca — trends of inversion will continue, platform to encourage acquisitions, In the US the inversion transaction allows US firms to lower taxes in the US, from 30% lowered to less than 20%. Irish companies are to benefit from trends in inversion of taxtion. NOTICE on Inversion: spin off qualifications addressed, US is to change the rules, raise awareness before election in the US.

  • Michael Shalmi, Senior Partner, Novo A/S

Management of wealth of the Foundation, 4 Billion Euro, portfolio of life Sciences 36 Billion entity, controlled shared programs, Venture investment in US and in Europe, commercialization of innovations, visit core strategy, larger entities acquired. Private and Public, resilience to changes. In 2002 the market value kept growing, technology fast pace to continue.

– Hearing Instrument Market: Dispensing, consolidated

– Component Market – Two players, Sonion acquired strong operational performance

Size: after a certain size it does not matter

  • Kai Brüning, Senior Portfolio Manager, IPO Asset Management GmbH

Asset management – part insurance management of Pension funds and part pharmaceutical, central banks push investment comunity to get 4% very good environment, P/E multiples 20, broad market 17, HealthCare requires Premium, Big Pharmas have +20% multiples, US invests in insurance, in Europe the investment is in Bonds, not allowed to invest in riskier deals.

Market making: the Bankers, smart investors, no commission paid, if allocation comes from the US, Anglo American market domination vs. far east involvement.

  • Tim Mitchell, CEO, Sareum Ltd.

based in Cambridge, UK. Three programs, Oncology and two preclinical. funding gap alternative financing. US and China involvement, previous moth trading determines the cash requirements for the near future.

  • Sascha Alilovic, VP MorphoSys

90 compounds, internal development vs acquisition, able yo generate 100 million propitiatory pipeline – without a need to go to the stock market,

Biotech needs understanding of valuation, being listed on the stock exchange in the US, 1 Billion valuation, US must play due to high taxation.

  • Nicolas Franco, Actelion Pharmaceutical

Launched Phased III prospects from injectable to oral. The market is more competitive, IPOs vs. Deals in the market, why sell assets, if the option of value inflection point is an option. Licensing is still an option





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8:30AM – 9/30/2014: Future of Specialty Pharma in Europe @14th Global Partnering & Biotech Investment, Congress Center Basel – SACHS Associates, London

Real Time Media Conference Coverage  –  Business and Scientific Channels: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN @ http://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com

8:20AM – Welcome Speech by Beth Jacobs, Managing Partner, Excellentia Global Partners 

 First event in Basel. Biotech busy year for VCs, Alibaba was the largest IPO on Wall Street, $231Billion valuation, NYT $300Millions in Fees for underwriters. Regulatory filings new requirements. Trends may continue in public and private fundings to enable bringing cure to the bedside.

Biotech ecosystem will continue to growth allowing for new business opportunities

8:30AM – Future of Specialty Pharma in Europe


  • Nicholas Franco, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer, Actelion





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Upcoming Meetings on Cancer Immunogenetics


Curator: Stephen J. Williams, Ph.D.

Below is a curation of upcoming 2014-15 Cancer Immunogenetics symposia. Some listed have CME credits.

August 2014

Target Discovery for T Cell Therapy Symposium
Next Step to Advance Immunotherapies
August 14, 2014 | Part of ImVacS – The Immunotherapies and Vaccine Summit
Learn more | View Agenda PDF | Register by July 18 & SAVE up to $200


Q&A with Dr. Adrian Bot of Kite Pharma


SITC 2014 Meetings

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit society of medical professionals. Recent advances in immunology and biology have opened up new horizons in the field of cancer therapy, with an upsurge in the integration of new biologic agents into clinical practice. With several high-caliber scientific meetings with a focus on clinical and translational aspects of biologic approaches to cancer treatment and numerous networking opportunities unique to this organization, the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) has developed into the premier destination for interaction and innovation in the cancer biologics community.

Upcoming SITC Meetings and Activities

sitc banner

Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy™ (ACI™) Regional CME-Certified Programs

  • La Jolla, CA – Friday, August 22, 2014
  • Portland, OR – Friday, October 3, 2014
    Charlotte, NC – Friday, October 3, 2014
  • Tampa, FL – Friday, December 5, 2014


September 2014



  Hematologic Malignancies: Translating Discoveries to Novel Therapies
    September 20-23, 2014 • Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown • Philadelphia, PA

The AACR is proud to announce our conference focused on the blood-based cancers and associated disorders categorized as hematologic malignancies. Sessions will include presentations on leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, and myeloproliferative neoplasms.


Advances in Melanoma: From Biology to Therapy

Loews Philadelphia • Philadelphia, PA • September 20-23, 2014

With so many recent advances in treating metastatic melanoma, including approaches like immunotherapies, targeted therapies, and combination therapies, melanoma research is at a critical point where it is extremely important for the field to have a continuous exchange of information. Despite the success of various “targeted” inhibitors, therapeutic responses in melanoma patients are often short-lived due to rapidly acquired drug resistance. Therefore, it is essential that melanoma researchers translate the novel understanding of melanoma biology to decipher the mechanisms of innate and acquired drug resistance for the development of improved therapeutic options. To bridge the gap between scientists and clinician-scientists’ professional practice, this conference will provide a platform for discussion and potential collaborations for the discovery of new therapeutic targets.



The 4th Mastering Immunogenicity Summit

September 15-16, 2014

British Consulate-General, Boston MA, USA

Join leaders in the immunogenicity field for a two day conference to learn what constitutes a successful strategy for managing immunogenicity risk, and explore the business case for introducing immunogenicity assessment into your program.

  • Learn about the latest strategies and exciting new technologies
  • Discuss current and developing challenges and exchange new ideas
  • Improve the outcome of your R&D programs

Our 4th Mastering Immunogenicity Conference will continue to have a strong focus on immunogenicity sciences, particularly on what basic research needs to be carried out to improve our understanding of immune regulation to biotherapeutics. We will review progress made in correlating data from pre-clinical predictive tools to clinical outcomes, as well as continuing our discussions surrounding the benefits that Quality by Design has on reduced immunogenicity, considering subsequent patient benefits as well as competitive advantage. Presentations by experts will provide an overview of the wide range of technologies currently used for immunogenicity risk management and how they can be incorporated for a ‘quality by design’ approach.


Immunogenomics 2014

September 29 – October 1, 2014

HudsonAlpha Biotechnology Campus
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

The HudsonAlpha-Science Conference on Immunogenomics will bring together preeminent leaders and thinkers at the intersection of genomics and immunology.

October 2014


Cancer Immunotherapy: Out of the Gate

October 06, 2014 Grand Hyatt New York Hotel at Grand Central, New York, NY

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) will host its 22nd Annual International Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium October 6-8, 2014 at The Grand Hyatt in New York City. Attracting clinicians, laboratory scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, the symposium will feature plenary presentations from leaders in immunology and cancer immunotherapy, a poster session, and numerous networking opportunities.

This year’s CRI symposium, entitled Cancer Immunotherapy: Out of the Gate, will harness the excitement and enthusiasm generated by recent clinical successes to explore new and emerging areas of basic, translational, and clinical research. Topics such as the use of genomic methods to catalogue cancer heterogeneity, mechanistic studies of checkpoint blockage antibodies, new views on immunosurveillance and immunoregulation, and emerging therapies that are altering the landscape of cancer treatment will be discussed.

– See more at: http://www.cancerresearch.org/grants-programs/conferences-meetings/annual-international-cancer-immunotherapy-symposia/2014-symposium#sthash.PnY56e5E.dpuf

Cytokines 2014

October 26–29, Melbourne, Australia

EMBO Conference: Innate Lymphoid Cells
September 29–October 1, Paris, France

Recommended reading

Laurie Dempsey


November 2014

SITC 2014 – November 6-9, 2014

  • Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD
  • SITC 29th Annual Meeting
  • SITC Workshop on Combination Immunotherapy: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • SITC Primer on Tumor Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy™
  • SITC Hot Topic Symposium – including two topics explored concurrently:
    • Accelerating Tumor Immunity with Agonist Antibodies
    • Engineered T Cell Toxicities
  • Professional Development Session: A Roadmap for Thriving in Your Career

The Fourth International Conference on Regulatory T cells and TH Subsets and Clinical Application in Human Diseases
November 1–4, Shanghai, China

Recommended reading
Olive Leavy





Keystone Symposium: Cell Death Signaling in Cancer and the Immune System
October 28-November 2, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Recommended reading

December 2014

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy: A New Chapter
Co-Chairpersons: Robert H. Vonderheide, Nina Bhardwaj, Stanley Riddell, and Cynthia L. Sears
December 1-4, 2014 • Orlando, FL

2015 Conferences

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology

Tumor Immunology: Multidisciplinary Science Driving Combination Therapy 

February 8—13, 2015

Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta, Canada


· March 2015

  1. 8–13, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  2. 22–27, Banff, Alberta, Canada
  3. 29–3 April, Snowbird, Utah, USA

9th World Immune Regulation Meeting

Keystone Symposium: The Golden Anniversary of B Cell Discovery
Recommended reading

Keystone Symposium: T Cells: Regulation and Effector Function
Recommended reading


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