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LytPhage Presents at 1st Pitch Life Sciences-Philadelphia-September 16, 2014

LytPhage presented at Mid-Atlantic BioAngels 1st Pitch Life Sciences in  Philadelphia Tuesday Sept. 16, 2014.

LytPhage is a new biotech company using novel bioengineering to develop therapeutics to address the worldwide crisis of antibiotic resistant organisms.  They are developing a treatment for vancomycin resistant systemic infections with their platform, which can be adapted for other problematic organisms.  LytPhage is a spin-out form Temple University.

The overall goal is to use genetically modified bacteriophage (bacterial viruses) as an antimicrobial therapy against drug-resistant strains.  Their genetically modifed viruses are only lytic, meaning they result in cell death of the host but do not integrate in the host DNA.  In additon preliminary studies using mainly clinical isolates have shown good efficacy against most drug-resistant strains found in common hospital infections like Clostridium difficile colitis.  The presenters noted that bacteriophage therapy had successfully been used in Europe but no approved therapy in US

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