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Podcast Review: Quiet Innovation Podcast on Obtaining $ for Your Startup

Reporter: Stephen J. Williams, Ph.D.


I wanted to highlight an interesting interview (What it Really Takes to Get Money for Your Startup) with David S. Rose, serial entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Gust.com, which is a global collaboration platform for early stage angel investing, connecting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and investors in over 75 countries. The interview with David and CFA John P. Gavin was broadcast on the podcast Quiet Innovation (from PodCast Addict @Podcast_Addict) from. I had tweeted it out on my Twitter account below (see the http link)


… but will include some notes from the podcast here. In addition you can link to the podcast directly using the links below:

QI-013 David Rose Interview_01.mp3

Or download the mp3


This post is a followup from yesterday’s post Protecting Your Biotech IP and Market Strategy: Notes from Life Sciences Collaborative 2015 Meeting.

Some highlights from the podcast


David Rose discusses how there are hundreds of thousands of new ideas, some which are great some which are not… having an idea may be an initial step but for an investor to even consider your idea it is more important to have


This is what David feels is critical to investors, such as himself, to decide whether your idea is investable. A startup needs to show they can accomplish their goal and show at least a rudimentary example of this, whether it is putting up a website or writing up a design blueprint for a new widget. He says starting a business today (either tech or manufacturing) requires a lot less capital than years ago (unless you are starting a biotech). He gives an example of internet startups he had founded in the 90’s versus today… in the 90’s you needed $2 million… today you can do it for $2,000. But the ability to show that you can EXECUTE this plan is CRITICAL.

David sites three aspects which are important to investors:

  1. Integrity – Be humble about yourself. He says there are way too many people who claim ‘our idea is the best’ or ‘we do it better than anyone’ or ‘we are the first to have this idea’. As he says Jeff Bezos of Amazon was not the first to have the idea of selling books over the internet, he just EXECUTED the plan extremely well.
  2. Passion- Investors need to see that you are ‘all in’ and committed. A specific example is angels asking how much money have you put into your idea (skin in the game)
  3. Experience- David says there are TWO important types of experience in developing startups and both valid. The first is how many startups have you done and succeeded and the second is how many startups have failed. He says investors actually like if you have failed because they are learning experiences, just as valuable if not more than having startups always succeed. Investors need to know how you can deal with adversity. All three points goes back to execution.

David Rose gave some reading suggestions as well including

Lucky or Smart? Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life by Bo Peabody – He highlights this book to help people understand that a startup entrepreneur should always hire someone smarter than themselves.

Derek Sivers post Ideas Are Just a Multiplier of Execution  – where a great idea is worth $20 but a great idea plus execution is worth $20 million.

Eris Reese’s post The Lean Startup in his blog StartUpLessonsLearned – being frugal (gets back to what he said about not needed as much capital as you would think i.e. Don’t Burn Through the Cash) and also get metrics on your startup or idea (as long as you have the IP). He suggests taking out an ad to see what the interest is out there. You can measure the clicks from the ad and use that as a marketing tool to potential investors i.e. Getting Feedback

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Innovators can exit with an idea How to Monetizing Patents and ideas: yazamIP.com launches Idea Lab

Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN

 The IDEA as Entry and as Exit Point

1. yazamIP.com launches Idea Lab, enabling innovators to exit without necessarily establishing a startup.

If you: (A) have a track record of innovation and have a solution for a significant technical problem, and (B) are interested in either of the options below, both have no cost to you: (i) a $1,000,000 “exit” from your idea without necessarily leaving your “day-job”; (ii) having proven innovation, patent and business experts work with you to establish a robust patent portfolio based on your idea. And you maintain the option to spin off the strong portfolio into a startup for you to build the market.

Then yazamIP.com’s Idea Lab is for you. See http://www.yazamip.com/valuations

2. Tel Aviv University’s Ramot raises $17m from Tata & SanDisk.http://yazamip.com/node/84

3. Elvis Presley IP sells. http://yazamip.com/node/82

4. Innovation and patents are helping to increase gun sales.http://yazamip.com/node/85

Want to get a valuation on your patent? See http://yazamip.com/valuations

Do not forget to contact yazamIP.com to inquire about our most generous “referral a patent” fee arrangement.

1. yazamIP.com launches patent valuation service. http://www.yazamip.com/valuations2. yazamIP.com client initiates patent infringement action against Sony.http://www.yazamip.com/node/74

3. Twitter has only 9 patents pre-IPO, a fact that has investors worried.http://www.yazamip.com/node/73

4. Marijuana-related patents? Now that is a market to corner!http://www.yazamip.com/node/77

  1. If the companies are in distress and have US patents then we can sell them for the inventor
  2. If the patents are being infringed upon, we can see how we can help the inventor get compensated
  3. If the inventors have great ideas that they have not turned into companies yet, we would consider investing in them to convert the ideas into patent portfolios

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