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Innovators can exit with an idea How to Monetizing Patents and ideas: yazamIP.com launches Idea Lab

Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN

 The IDEA as Entry and as Exit Point

1. yazamIP.com launches Idea Lab, enabling innovators to exit without necessarily establishing a startup.

If you: (A) have a track record of innovation and have a solution for a significant technical problem, and (B) are interested in either of the options below, both have no cost to you: (i) a $1,000,000 “exit” from your idea without necessarily leaving your “day-job”; (ii) having proven innovation, patent and business experts work with you to establish a robust patent portfolio based on your idea. And you maintain the option to spin off the strong portfolio into a startup for you to build the market.

Then yazamIP.com’s Idea Lab is for you. See http://www.yazamip.com/valuations

2. Tel Aviv University’s Ramot raises $17m from Tata & SanDisk.http://yazamip.com/node/84

3. Elvis Presley IP sells. http://yazamip.com/node/82

4. Innovation and patents are helping to increase gun sales.http://yazamip.com/node/85

Want to get a valuation on your patent? See http://yazamip.com/valuations

Do not forget to contact yazamIP.com to inquire about our most generous “referral a patent” fee arrangement.

1. yazamIP.com launches patent valuation service. http://www.yazamip.com/valuations2. yazamIP.com client initiates patent infringement action against Sony.http://www.yazamip.com/node/74

3. Twitter has only 9 patents pre-IPO, a fact that has investors worried.http://www.yazamip.com/node/73

4. Marijuana-related patents? Now that is a market to corner!http://www.yazamip.com/node/77

  1. If the companies are in distress and have US patents then we can sell them for the inventor
  2. If the patents are being infringed upon, we can see how we can help the inventor get compensated
  3. If the inventors have great ideas that they have not turned into companies yet, we would consider investing in them to convert the ideas into patent portfolios

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