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Hastke Inc. Presents at 1st Pitch Life Sciences-Philadelphia-September 16, 2014

Reporter: Stephen J Williams, PhD



Hastke Inc. presented at Mid-Atlantic BioAngels 1st Pitch Life Sciences in  Philadelphia Tuesday Sept. 16, 2014.

Hastke, Inc., a Princeton University spin-out, captures dynamic cellular events IN REAL TIME in live cells at an unprecendented level of detail in 3D using proprietary 3D microscopy in conjunction with nanotechnology-based tags and sensors. The resolution up to 10 nm in all directions and 10 us precision, orders of magnitude superior than other methods, can be achieved.  The company is using this technology to determine extent of uptake of drugs on a cellular level and to visualize drug-receptor interaction.  Their goal is to use their ability to visualize comound-cell interaction and uptake to enhance the drug screening process.

Their company is currently comprised of three team members:

Stephanie Budijono is the President and CEO of Hastke Inc. Prior to Hastke, she developed a nanoparticle platform for targeted cancer therapy and imaging. She received her PhD from Princeton University.

Haw Yang is the leading inventor of the technology. He is a Professor at Princeton University, leading a research lab developing new methods to understand molecular reactivity in complex systems.

Kevin Welsher is a co-invetor of the technology. He is a prolific scientist whose works have been consistently featured in world-leading journals. His previous experience also includes developing new materials for in-vivo fluorescent imaging. He received his PhD from Stanford University.

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