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Methylation of the gene F2RL3—which has been linked with platelet activation and inflammation—was lowest in smokers and highest in nonsmokers. Methylation is an important source of variation and regulation in the genome in Epigenetic modification of DNA. In a prospective study in patients with stable coronary heart disease, lower F2RL3 methylation in smokers and former smokers indicated a worse prognosis with excess cardiovascular mortality as well as overall mortality.

The authors found a correlation between F2RL3 methylation intensity and established prognostic markers, including natriuretic peptide, C-reactive protein, and interleukin-6. Current standard medical treatment for coronary artery disease did not affect F2RL3 methylation.

This article was published in European Heart Journal

L. P. Breitling et al., Smoking, F2RL3 methylation, and prognosis in stable coronary heart disease. Eur. Heart J. 17 April 2012


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