Re-Tweets and Likes by @Pharma_BI @AVIVA1950 from #BIO2018 @IAmBiotech @BIOConvention – BIO 2018, Boston, June 4-7, 2018, BCEC

Re-Tweets and Likes by @Pharma_BI and by @AVIVA1950 from #BIO2018 @IAmBiotech @BIOConvention – BIO 2018, Boston, June 4-7, 2018, BCEC

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    Well put I agree with you, Jeff

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    BRAVO FDA in 2018 is AGILE

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    ASCO weigh in on CAR-Ts versus bispecific antibodies

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    BRAVO inaugural Henri A. Termeer Biotechnology Visionary Award

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    The 2018 Bio International Convention has been amazing! This was the view from our water taxi ride to the hotel last night! 🚤🛳🛥⛵️

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    BRAVO Sanofi

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    HEROS for cure

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    BRAVO Sanofi, so smart to have bought Genzyme

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    BRAVO Challenge!

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    ‘Largest Business Partnering Event’! Proud to cover the event in

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    45,000 Partening sessions – BRAVO !!

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    BRAVO Scotland in

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    BRAVO landscape in in light of

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    made by Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institution most nobel cause

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    in Medicine

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    BRAVO Argentine

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    BRAVO Holland! places Holland No. 1 in the world for medical technology patents!

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    Amazing COnference

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    meets INDUSTRY: BIOTECH & PHARMA with success

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    INDEED, the best conference I have attended since 2013 when I cover in Real Time conferences as

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    BRAVO J&J for your broad spectrum in

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    MOST NOBEL cause by MRI can be a catalyst to address urgent global health

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    bRAVO I Am Biotech

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    BRAVO Aussi

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    Fireside chat with at

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    Jeff Galvin, CEO of Rockville-based presented his company’s innovations in therapies for HIV, phenylketonuria, and cancer at . After the presentation, he was mobbed by potential investors and partners!

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    How do you schedule hundreds of meetings all at once? has it figured out. Meeting many great potential supporters.

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    It doesn’t get more epic than this l! The QUEEN, DIANA ROSS!

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    Absolutely inspiring group of advocates on the patient voice panel. I feel honored to be in the room with them, listening to their remarkable stories and insights.

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    Board of Directors Chair on diversity in during his Fireside Chat

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    And for more on-the-ground analysis while you’re at , sign up for our daily newsletter, BIO in 30 Seconds.

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    THURSDAY: (yes, twice!), 9:00am, 259B, on biotech’s data tsunami

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    TUESDAY: , 4:15pm, 259A, on a new era of biotech journalism

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    TUESDAY: , 1:45pm, 210B, on how to apply the lessons of immunotherapy from cancer to other diseases.

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    MONDAY: , 4:00pm, 210A, talking how to cut waste between big pharma and payers in precision medicine.

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    MONDAY: , 1:00pm, 206AB, talking what drug hunters look for in early stage assets.

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    MONDAY: , 12:30pm at , talking best practices for co-working in the life sciences. (From the archives)

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    THREAD: STAT is all over . Here’s where to find us.

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    speaking with the member delegation at We’ve come to share with the world the excellence of our life science community in Canada.

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    Team Queensland ready to showcase our state’s fantastic capabilities in all things biotech in Boston

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    kicks off tomorrow in Boston, MA. Dr Glenn Begley, CEO and Linda Peterson, COO will be attending. DM us if you would like to connect with them.

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    Heading to my first BIO convention, the rain can’t stop my excitement! 😁

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    Proud to sponsor . We at love supporting and their missions to improve our health! See you at as we keep the startup celebration going tomorrow night! BIOGA25 for $25 GA tix

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    Our friends at have put together the ultimate guide to the (). It features a complete list of conferences, private events/receptions, plus much more, all happening throughout the week. Get it here >>

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    Through Pfizer Ventures, we plan to invest $600M in innovative science, with approximately $150M specifically targeted toward neuroscience. Join us at to learn more:

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    “It will take you 10-15 years to get a breakthrough, but if you don’t start, you’ll never get there,” says J&J’s CSO Paul Stoffels when asked about at – at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

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    Great Q on driving (innovation in) “Huge opportunity in partnering with Pharma, not in replacing them, mainly due to the complexity of

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    Penny Heaton Retweeted BIO Intl Convention

    Looking forward to next week, where we’ll have the opportunity to formally introduce the Gates MRI and share the mission, vision, and values behind the work we’re doing to accelerate product development for diseases that disproportionately affect the world’s poorest.

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    Attending ? These SECRET STAIRS, only minutes from the convention center, lead to our local Fort Point restos, breweries and more!

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    At … it’s like Epcot in here! So many countries and states courting the bio biz.

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    the best way to conclude this incredible !!!

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    Making History in Boston.

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    At biggest biopharma partnering event in the world, scale is pretty amazing…

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    I can’t believe attendees are told by conference organizers that “locals” recommend: “Let loose and explore the nightlife of Boston, grab a couple beers at the iconic “Cheers” bar.” Let me qualify that: NOBODY IN THIS CITY WOULD RECOMMEND THAT.

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    How cool is this new tool from ?! It provides info on partnering opportunities and contacts for over 60+ patient advocacy groups. Very useful!

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    And here it is, the most famous Paul Stoffels quote we hear ALL THE TIME at “You take the risk and I take the blame” in

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    . – tonight, Karl-Rudolf Erlemann of was all of us.

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    Which biopharmaceutical companies are making a real difference for patients? Our CSO Michael Severino explains how to spot R&D leaders.

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    Had to get to the front row for the encore at live!

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    There is till time to visit us at , booth 1344. If you require nucleosides and carbohydrates for your business, come to speak to our specialist – maybe we can help.

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    Thank you and for helping me meet a real life superhero. Ashanti DeSilva the first person in the world treated with 28 years ago. A passionate , advocate and a personal inspiration

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    Wonderful to meet Baroness Fairhead CBE, Minister of State at DIT on the UK Pavilion at

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    The expo floor is a trip around the world of innovation!

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    Great reception at Startup Stadium today. It’s been a great week here in Boston.

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    No rest for attendees! It’s the last day of Convention, but the action isn’t slowing down yet. Look out for these featured events in today’s schedule:

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    It was another history-making ! We look forward to hosting you in on 2019 to make even more history!

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    Pitt has once again surpassed its records for startups in fiscal 2019 with 21 companies spun out of the university. Could a Pitt startup be your next entrepreneurial or investment opportunity?

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    I will survive! ⁦ very Darwinian!

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    Replying to 

    No “jail” means being forced to listen to speak at . I hope he’s wearing cool socks.

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    Don Seiffert Retweeted Suzanne Fraser

    Diana Ross performing “I Will Survive” at the Convention Center for

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    Agendia Retweeted PMC

    Thanks for inviting our CMO, Dr William Audeh, to join this important and timely in Action panel at

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    Last day for and last chance to meet 10 companies from and health cluster. Visit us on booth 527, France pavilion.

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    Still time to visit us at booth 1753

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    Find and meet our BD Manager Emmanuelle Astoul who is attending in Boston to talk about collaboration opportunities with

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    Today last day! Come visit us at booth #1328 and enjoy some argentinian alfajores and coffee!

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    Today at 10:30am, join our Senior Investment Director, Dr. Karen Hong at for “Business Development & Finance: An Investor’s Perspective on Value of New Biotherapeutics” in Room 252AB, Level 2.

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    Fun session y’day at on drug prices, R&D cost, and innovation – many thanks to & ! Good convo abt whether (a) competition will ⬇️ prices in cancer and rare dz, & (b) NIH, prizes, etc. can sustain & focus Rx innovation in the future.

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    Speak to our Team on the UK Pavilion (stand 1333) at the Bio International Convention

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    Want to learn more about collaboration between and JPEO-CBRND? Stop by booth 1913 to learn more and how Industry can engage with us.

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    Home stretch! Day 4 begins with business development first thing in the morning. .

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    Last day of kicks off with fireside chat in one hour

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    At Shares the Journey: being an award-winning broadcast journalist and author, and a survivor of breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS),

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    Over the past 21 years, we’ve forged long-term, mutually successful partnerships, bringing innovations and solutions together to meet the worlds healthcare needs. Connect with us at the Scottish Pavillion to discover what we can do for your clinical trial journey.

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    ⁩ hosted a great alumni networking event around

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    Rob Reiner and I will be joining you on stage shortly!

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    Are you at ? Be sure to stop by Booth #2101 to learn more about the 10 remarkable Israeli companies, spanning the spectrum of ’s vigorous Life Sciences community- from innovative start-ups to established companies!

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    Great discussion at today’s “Best Practices for Working with Patient Advocacy Organizations,” with our own Jessica Riviere, Senior Director, Biogen

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    We are excited to have , CEO of with us live at the Massachusetts pavilion speaking live

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    Our President of R&D Akshay Vaishnaw took the stage earlier today at the pavilion to tell our innovation and Massachusetts story. therapeutics

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    Standing ovation for Ashanthi De Silva at ! “Have hope, be your own advocate, and never give up.” – at Boston Convention Center Grand Ballroom

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    Diversity and inclusion is an BoD priority, an priority and my priority. During my fireside chat w/ Halozyme CEO Helen Torley today at , I committed to not participate in any future panel that is not diverse.

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    Here in Massachusetts, innovation is a way of life. It truly is the . If you want it to happen, you need to be here – Massachusetts is the place where life sciences companies can find the people, the ideas and the resources they need to innovate and grow. – at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

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    We OFFICIALLY made history this week! BIO’s Joanne Duncan accepting our Guinness World Record for ‘Largest Business Parneting Event’

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    Excited to hear member and Reg Affairs Committee member Kelli Tanzella of give her perspective on the regulatory paradigm for NGS panels.

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    Trailblazing discoveries in health sciences are what we do here.

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    Did you know that every 3.5 minutes someone will die from lung cancer? Boston University and investing in changing this

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    We did it! We set a world record for the Largest Business Partnering Event. Thank you to everyone!

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    I’ve been around the world twice. is the Epcot of Bio, Science & Pharma companies. Proud to see companies recognizing the Making great connections to support our students.

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    Eager to elevate the & voice at this morning’s panel discussion on Communicating Value Through the Eye of the Beholder

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    Need for evidence of PM’s value has emerged as & Dx Track” theme. Now, , , reps show / parallel review pathway, joint studies by commercial insurers/Dx companies will be key.

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    The winner of Dr. Paul Janssen Award Jim Allison discusses the importance of elevating science to a household conversation if we want to improve our collective health.

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    Congrats to for setting the Guinness World Record for largest business partnering event!

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    Diversity and inclusion in science goes beyond who’s at the bench and all the way to who the science serves – 80% of NIH’s genomic data that’s used to push forward precision medicine is from people of European descent. (That’s not okay)

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    speed networking is happening now! Booth #2001

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    Honored to have had the opportunity to address this morning and talk about how real, palpable ultimately means real, palpable patient impact!

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    We don’t do germline editing; society is not at a place to be ready for this, also it’s against recs, says Sandy Macrae . Carrie Wolinetz agrees, says term distinction is crucial, confusing these can feed back into regulatory framework detrimentally.

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    What question would you ask at a discussion about the regulatory framework in human genome editing?

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    “One patient at a time, positive responses are demonstrating that RNAi technology indeed has the potential to bring about a paradigm shift in medicine,” writes Mano Manoharan, SVP, Innovation Chemistry, in a blog post discussing our journey to advance therapeutics.

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    The opportunities to advance the clinical trial model with personalized and targeted approaches are endless, from in the

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    Fantastic dialogue going on in 204AB at . Completely candid remarks from tremendous group

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    It was great to meet Jim Greenwood, CEO of at . – Robert Naismith, Chairman

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    Wow knows how to put a stellar diverse panel together 🙌

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    Front and center, Maryland is in a prime position to move business and innovation forward!

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    This is a loaded panel & plenty of seats avail. Turbo charge R&D activities in 252AB

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    Q to panel as public co CEOs – how do you investor risk? Dahiyat says people will invest if they think co. will make money either way. Hastings says will push some away, draw others in, so do what’s right.

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    Our Biocom team has been taking full advantage of making ALL the connections at ! Check us out at the California Pavilion or stop by Startup Stadium tomorrow where we’ll be supporting our member !

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    For those interested in learning more about gene-based therapies, make sure to attend the “Making Genetic Therapies a Reality for Patients” panel featuring our Chief Commercial Officer, Emmanuel Dulac.

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    & Dx Track” has showed progress on several policy fronts. But , , reps say providers are still not incentivized to deliver holistic, value-based medicine. Reimbursement paradigms must evolve, they say.

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    Travis McCready from closes out the Possible Talks at in the – “The only way that this industry will evolve, the only way we’ll find cures, is to develop the next generation of diverse talent and to break the mold.” That’s a wrap!

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    “Breakthrough cience occurs when you cross disciplines” Mikael Dolsten

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    🛑! Working on a slide deck to communicate your awesome 🔬? Here are some presentation basic design tips 🎨 for this week’s !

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    Representatives from European biotech, regulatory and venture capital describe the state of investments in Europe and how global participants can get involved

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    Great to meet Australia’s top medical entrepreneurs, discussing how they can take their successful ideas global, creating more jobs and improving patient outcomes

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    Biologos is having a great time at this week in Boston!

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    Great panel at on Digiral Medicines with leaders of of of Marisa Cruz of and Mostafa Kamal of Magellan

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    Great points from re patient consent, consent for life, by Sandy Macrae, and need to ensure patients truly understand what it is they are committing to

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    Q based on diversity training: anybody willing to do training similar to Starbucks? Dahiyat says his company already diverse, but reaches out to area to encourage diversity in science. Johnson says similar program at Dare – get more diversity in science with local youth.

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    Over a 7-year period biotech job growth outpaced national growth by 14% Visit to find out why call home

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    Life sciences companies aren’t innovating processes with and other technologies, but whoever tackles this first will win. from leads a discussion at with leaders from , , , and .

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