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Opposite cells in our body

Author: Danut Dragoi, PhD

In a posting recently published, see link in here, it is stated that a free Gibbs thermodynamic function can depend of two different features of a cell, like chirality, the ability of the cell to grow in two different twisted direction, one called R(+) and the other L(-), in which the letters R and L are the usual notation for Right twisted and Left twisted respectively. If we assume the extra free Gibbs energy is in equilibrium with thermal vibrational energy in 3D space we get the following equation to solve:

ln(R/S)=3/2                                                       (1)

On a percent basis we get from (1):

R=81.76 % and S=18.24 % as a unique solution for equation (1).

From vibrational energy point of view we have the following comment:

-for healthy body we need at least 81.76 % of cells to be normal. This result is in agreement with what is said, see link in here, and in here. The title of the first link suggests that we already have traces of abnormal cells in our body, which are coming from miss replication process that may be due to various sources: environment, food, exposure to cigarette smoke, etc. The factor R seems to correlate with the ageing, since the body immune system is weakened on that stage of the life and the body ability to repair those misfired genes is reduced.

As mention in here, we don’t get cancer, we provoke cancer. Dr. William Li, MD, Cancer Researcher, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation says that every single person absolutely has microscopic cancers growing inside them. He explains that human body is made up of more than 50 trillion cells that are continuously dividing to keep us healthy. But if just one of those cells makes a mistake or “mutates” than presto! we have formed a potentially microscopic cancer. The good news is that most of these abnormal cells will never become dangerous because our bodies have excellent defenses against cancer. Our immune system is one defense and another defense is our body’s ability to resist blood vessels from growing into and feeding cancers.

So, what causes these harmless microscopic cancers to develop into full blown cancer? Dr. Li says doing things that provoke the development of cancer! Like getting too much sun and exposure to cigarette smoke, first or secondhand. Excessive alcohol and too much processed meats. The body has a hard time digesting the preservatives and nitrates in processed foods and they actually accumulate in our bodies becoming carcinogen. Anything that dwells in the body that can provoke cancer cells is bad for you.

On another posting, link in here, is remarked the longevity of giant tortoise, over 200 years, which can be associated with the protection mechanism against environmental factor as well as internal specific metabolism that keeps bad cells to take over the others. Some people may think that caring its own house, the protective shell, every day, is a good exercise for giant tortoise. Another point is that the location where the giant tortoises live, that is around the equator, see link in here for Seychelles islands , giving them no seasonal or significant temperature variations, plenty of water and healthy food.

The other islands, Galapagos Islands, see link in here, where giant tortoises live are very close too to the equator of the Earth.

Definitely these creatures, the giant tortoise, have very convincing arguments to study their genetic system in which deciphering factors are waiting to be discovered.









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