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Reporter: Ritu Saxena, Ph.D.

LabCorp or the laboratory Corporation of America on June 4th announced in the company’s press release that they would acquire MEDTOX for approximately $241 million,

“We are extremely pleased that MEDTOX, a premier forensic and clinical laboratory with a reputation for exceptional quality, dependability and customer service is joining our family,” said David P. King, Chairman and CEO of LabCorp. “This transaction highlights the fundamental value of the MEDTOX brand, the talent and expertise of our team and the quality of our products and testing services,” said Dick Braun, Chairman and CEO of MEDTOX. “As part of LabCorp with its substantial resources and infrastructure, we expect to accelerate MEDTOX’s profitable growth and provide a stable and sustainable environment for our employees and clients.”

About LabCorp:

Laboratory Corporation of America specializes in diagnostic testing including genome testing. The company is actively engaged in developing new laboratory diagnostics, evaluating existing diagnostic tests, defining indications for laboratory diagnostics, enhancing interpretation of laboratory test results, setting standards for the performance of laboratory diagnostics and analyzing LabCorp’s disease specific data for clinical trends and patterns.


MEDTOX Scientific, Inc., is a provider of specialized laboratory testing services and on-site/point-of-collection testing (POCT) devices. The Company also supports customers with complete logistics, data and program management services. MEDTOX is a leader in providing esoteric laboratory testing services to hospitals and laboratories nationwide. This includes both central laboratory and bio-analytical testing for pharmaceutical clinical trials.


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