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Reporter: Larry Bernstein, MD

Bioinformatics  refers to the creation and maintenance of a database to store biological information such as nucleotide sequences and amino acid sequences. Development of this type of database involved not only design issues but the development of complex interfaces whereby researchers could access existing data as well as submit new or revised data.

In order to study how normal cellular activities are altered in different disease states, the biological data must be combined to form a comprehensive picture of these activities. Therefore, the field of bioinformatics This includes nucleotide and amino acid sequences, protein domains, and protein structures. The actual process of analyzing and interpreting data is referred to as computational biology.

The primary goal of bioinformatics is to increase the understanding of biological processes. What sets it apart from other approaches, however, is its focus on developing and applying computationally intensive techniques to achieve this goal.

Bioinformatics elements for NGS data analysis

4 – 5 – 6 – 7 Dicembre 2012
c/o Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico di Careggi
Viale Morgagni 40, Firenze
Inscription Deadline: 3 November 2012

The high level training in “Bioinformatics for NGS data analysis” is oriented for students and PhD students in mathematics, physics, natural science, medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy and ingenering as well as employees of public institutions, industry and university researchers interested in problems of NGS bioinformatics.

The primary object of the course is to introduce the participants to the basic theory and the technical knowledge of NGS data analysis for the identification of single nucleotide polymorphism, insertion/deletion, genomic variants and for the study of gene expression.

The course will span four days structured in seminars and hands-on sessions at the computer given by docents and professionals.

For more information visit: http://sites.google.com/site/corsobioinformatica/
e-mai: corsobioinformatica@gmail.com
telephone: (+39) 055 7949036


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