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LPBI Group’s Founder – A Profile for a Wikipedia Entry

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Aviva Lev-Ari, Ph.D., R.N.



Aviva Lev-Ari, Ph.D., R.N., is the founder of Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Group (LPBI Group), a Newton, Massachusetts, start-up company launched in 2012 in the domain of Pharmaceutical Media.

The LPBI Group incorporates into three interrelated domains:

  • an open-access online scientific journal,
  • a series of 16 BioMed e-books covering five specialties of Medicine and Life Sciences (Cardiovascular, Genomic Medicine, Cancer, Immunology and Precision Medicine) and
  • real-time press coverage of BioMed scientific and medical conferences.

Year over year, LPBI Group continues to increase its readership of medically valuable content, which includes more than 5,800 scientific articles with over 1.8 million views in its online scientific journal. The LPBI Group goal is to make scientific content universally accessible to the pharmaceutical media and electronic scientific publishing communities.

https://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com/ at @pharma_BI and @AVIVA1950. Additionally, the 16 BioMed e-books can be accessed on the website: https://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com/biomed-e-books/ and on https://lnkd.in/ekWGNqA

Please visit the LPBI Group Wikipedia page to learn more about our company. [ZACH: CAN YOU PUT A LINK TO THE LPBI GROUP Wikipedia Page here?] 

Ongoing Commitment to Life Sciences

The LPBI Group team curates life sciences and medical literature producing clinical interpretations of scientific findings and publishing the results as articles in LPBI Group’s open-access online scientific Journal http://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com.

Dr. Lev-Ari serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal and of the series of 16 BioMed e-books. The e-Books cover five cardinal Medical specialties https://lnkd.in/ekWGNqA. The books serve physicians in the community, allied healthcare professionals, medical students and an extensive global community of e-readers in life sciences and biomedicine. The books are also included in the medical curricula of several prominent medical schools in the United States.

The LPBI Group has competencies in real-time coverage of Medical and Biotech global conferences, using methodology developed by Dr. Lev-Ari. This method allows for the generation of e-Proceedings with a single click. Dr. Lev-Ari developed a series of templates used during the Conferences to generate Tweets representing quotes by speakers and their affiliations. To date Dr. Lev-Ari has generated 60 e-Proceedings and 36 Tweet Collections. Part Three: Conference eProceedings DELIVERABLES & Social Media Analytics


Early Life and Education

Dr. Aviva Lev-Ari was born in Bucharest, Romania, to a Jewish family with a 400-year history in Europe. Along with her father and older sister, Pnina Abir-Am, Ph.D. [Brandeis University], the family moved to Israel in December 1958. [Her mother succumbed to breast cancer in September 1956 when Aviva was 6 years old].  As a young girl in a 10-year-old State of Israel, the new reality was significantly different than that of her European early years. She loved oranges and bananas both of which were rare in Eastern Europe in the 50s. She bonded with the nature and the geography of Israel, the wild flowers of the hilly slopes of Mount Carmel and the wide panoramic view of the Western bound of the Valley of Jezreel from the window of her bedroom shared with her sister. Dr. Lev-Ari graduated with honors from the prestigious private institution, Huggim High School on Mount Carmel, in Haifa in 1968. This gymnasium was established in 1932 by German Jewish emigres, who were former German University Professors, forced to leave their Academic positions by the Nazis.

These high school years made a long lasting impression on Aviva, a studious, achievement–oriented, hardworking student who was motivated to excel in her studies.

Following her IDF military service, she studied at the Hebrew University (HUJI) in Jerusalem for six years, where she earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees (Cum Laude) in Urban Planning and Economic Geography in 1976. At HUJI she became a very scholarly-inclined student, motivated by the outstanding faculty members, i.e., Prof. S. Reichman and Prof. Louis Guttman.

Her Masters thesis applied Facet Theory, SSA, MSA & POSAC, the novel non-parametric paradigm in Statistics developed by Prof. Louis Guttman in 1946 and during the 60s and the 70s, while using the latest version of the computer programs that were included for the 1st year in SPSS in 1976. The thesis was filed with the Graduate Division in July 1976, conferring and confirming the highest GPA recorded at the registrar of the Faculty of Social Sciences at HUJI to-date (95/100).

She then worked at the Technion, which was known to hire chiefly its own graduates, in Applied Research as the first HUJI graduate to be hired. During 1977-1978 at the Technion, she applied Facet Theory in Urban Planning. She came to the United States to pursue her doctoral studies in September 1978. Her postgraduate studies were at the University of California – Berkeley, where she earned her doctorate in 1983 in Industrial Organization Economics and Location Theory under Prof. Allan Pred, a famous AAAG Fellow +40 years of the 20th century on the Faculty at Berkeley, the #2 Department of Geography in the country. The Berkeley academic environment was most conducive for interdisciplinary research and for expression of the highest level of creativity; both were Prof. Allan Pred’s contributions as mentor and as advisor to Aviva. The intellectual stimulation culminated in her Ph.D. thesis, and other milestones beyond the years at Berkeley. Prof. Pred presented a draft of her dissertation at MIT in October 1983. Recollections of Years at UC, Berkeley, Part 1 and Part 2:

  • Recollections: Part 1– My days at Berkeley, 9/1978 – 12/1983 – About my doctoral advisor, Prof. Allan Pred, other professors and other peers


  • Recollections: Part 2– “While Rolling” is preceded by “While Enrolling” Autobiographical Alumna Recollections of Berkeley – Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD’83



Additionally, Dr. Lev-Ari was Prof. Louis Guttman’s student in 1975-76. She was known for applying his methods in the top-tier consulting industry in the United States using the software licensed via Yissum (Technology Transfer Office of HUJI) at SRI International for Fortune 50 companies e.g., GM, Alcan, Rhone Poulenc. At the University of California – Berkeley, she taught upper division courses in Quantitative Methods using SSA, MSA & POSAC in 1979, 1980, 1981. In 1990-91, she was the developer of the models that made a cardinal organizational change from managerial to brokerage agencies by a top financial & insurance firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, where she spent the fall and winter of 1990/91 on the 52nd floor of one of the two tallest skyscrapers in Boston.

While in California, she also studied Organizational Behavior under James G. March and Harold J. Leavitt at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, in an Exchange Program between Berkeley and Stanford in 1980-81.

Autobiographical Annotations: Tribute to My Professors


Dr. Lev-Ari worked in the domains of her expertise for 25 years, at several of the most esteemed institutions in the United States, among them, SRI International – Menlo Park, California; MITRE – Bedford, Massachusetts; PSC – Cambridge, Massachusetts (HQS: Dallas, TX); and McGraw Hill – Monterey, California (HQS: NY, NY).

Dr. Lev-Ari reinvented her career toward a new direction in Health Care, by being admitted into the Bouve College of Health Sciences in 2005, and earning a nursing degree at Northeastern University (Nurse Practitioner Direct Entry track – 800 candidates for 26 places.) For comparison, at the Ph.D. Program Admission, there were 240 candidates for 12 places and only 8 earned the degree five years later.

At Northeastern University she researched cardiovascular pharmacotherapy with her professor of Pharmacology for four independent research courses during 2006-2007. Pharmacology was the domain she liked the most at Bouve College. She developed the concept of a combination drug therapy (three agents) for prevention of macro cardiovascular events. She already knew then, that she would return to pharmaceutical study some day.


Reflections on a Four-phase Career

Dr. Lev-Ari’s career, as presented in Reflections on a Four-phase Career: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN, March 2018, has the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Research, 1973 – 1983
  • Phase 2: Corporate Applied Research in the US, 1985 – 2005
  • Phase 3: Career Reinvention in Health Care, 2005 – 2012
  • Phase 4: Electronic Scientific Publishing, 4/2012 to present


This article was written in March 2018. It was prepared for publication in American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU), May 2018 Newsletter, Hebrew University’s HUJI Alumni Spotlight Section.

Aviva Lev-Ari’s profile was up on 5/3/2018 on AFHU website under the Alumni Spotlight at https://www.afhu.org/


Early Career

Dr. Lev-Ari started her career conducting research from 1973 -1983.  She then transitioned into Corporate Applied Research in the United States between 1985-2005.

Second Career

Dr. Lev-Ari reinvented her career in the Health Care arena, and earned her R.N. degree. She worked in Clinical Nursing Management, 2008–2012, in post-acute settings and was Supervisor of a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Recent Career

Dr. Lev-Ari’s most recent transition has been into Electronic Scientific Publishing, from April 2012 to the Present. Currently she is the Director & Founder of the Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence (LPBI) Group. She is the developer of several curation methodologies for scientific content, and developed a unique methodology for the creation of an electronic Table of Contents (eTOCs). She was initiated into the development of workflow procedures involved in the systematic population of all eTOCs by Expert Editors, that culled articles from the journals’ research categories to create a one of a kind eTOCs for each volume [except for Cancer Volume 1].

In 2012, Dr. Lev-Ari launched, and currently leads the Journal, PharmaceuticalIntelligence.com. She is the Editor in Chief of the Journal and of the BioMed e-Series. The transformative work done at LPBI Group allows cutting-edge biomedical research innovation to be widely disseminated and accessible to the research and the non-research communities. Her method of curation represents a mode of scientific communication including synthesis, analysis, and interpretation.

Experts, authors, and writers add their knowledge and expertise in re-thinking and conceptualizing subjects selected in their domain of expertise, to form new curations or updating existing ones. The books are transformative in their capacity to accelerate diffusion of scientific innovations. To date 115,000 pages have been downloaded form the 16 Volumes.

The curation is done by experts with a perspective within each field, allowing for the creation of scientific content that combines conceptual evolution within the scientific breakthroughs analyzed with their anticipated future implications.

Dr. Lev-Ari’s work is innovative and creative. She has perfected the art of scientific curation for medical evaluation of cutting-edge literature. It is available through LPBI Group’s open access Journal. Dr. Lev-Ari has tutored numerous students and young adults in her career. LPBi is enjoying an excellent reputation within the field, for the valuable information it provides. Dr. Stephen Williams, a Professor of Pharmacology at the Sbarro Health Research Organization at Temple University said of Dr. Lev-Ari,

“I have never met anyone so driven as Dr. Lev-Ari. She had a great vision and knows how to put that vision into practice. She has an impressive amount and quality of people she has direct contact with.” Regarding Dr. Lev-Ari’s accomplishments and personal character, he noted: “She has more energy than some 20 and 30-somethings. She does not stop until she sees her vision realized.”

Personal Life

Dr. Lev-Ari married in 1971 a newly minted graduate of the Technion and Officer in the Signal Corps of IDF. Hanoch Lev-Ari, Ph.D., Fellow IEEE, has been a Professor of EE at Northeastern University since 1990. He is a graduate of Stanford University, Ph.D. ’84 in EE, and the Technion, BSEE ’71 & MSEE ’76. They lived in Palo Alto, California from 1978-1990 and in Newton Center, Massachusetts since September 1990. They have one married son, Edan, a 2007 Cornell University graduate working at Natick Lab, Natick, MA

Dr. Lev-Ari enjoys swimming, classical music, Jazz, non-fiction literature, fashion design, fashion photography, orchids and peonies.




Dr. Lev-Ari’s expertise is in Cardiovascular Diseases



  1. Cardiovascular Diseases, Volume One: Perspectives on Nitric Oxide in Disease Mechanisms. On comsince 6/21/2013 https://lnkd.in/8DANfq
  2. Cardiovascular Diseases, Volume Two: Cardiovascular Original Research: Cases in Methodology Design for Content Co-Curation. On comsince 11/30/2015 https://lnkd.in/ekbuNZ3
  3. Cardiovascular Diseases, Volume Three: Etiologies of Cardiovascular Diseases: Epigenetics, Genetics and Genomics. On comsince 11/29/2015 https://lnkd.in/ecp5mrA
  4. Cardiovascular Diseases, Volume Four: Regenerative and Translational Medicine: The Therapeutics Promise for Cardiovascular Diseases. On comsince 12/26/2015 https://lnkd.in/dwqM3K3
  5. Cardiovascular Diseases, Volume Five: Pharmacological Agents in Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases. On comsince 12/23/2018 https://lnkd.in/e3r87cQ
  6. Cardiovascular Diseases, Volume Six: Interventional Cardiology for Disease Diagnosis and Cardiac Surgery for Condition Treatment. On comsince 12/24/2018 https://lnkd.in/e_CTb4R





















Nomination for 2018 Yidan Prize, recognition in the field of medical education: development of curation methodologies for scientific content – 2018 Nominee, Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN


  • Dr. Lev-Ari was nominated for the 2020 Campanile Excellence in Achievement Award, December 5, 2019.
  • Dr. Lev-Ari was nominated for 2019 Berkeley Alumna of the Year Achievement Award, December 7, 2018,








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