Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow

Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow, Volume 2 (Volume Two: Latest in Genomics Methodologies for Therapeutics: Gene Editing, NGS and BioInformatics, Simulations and the Genome Ontology), Part 1: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow

Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN


UPDATED on 2/14/2019




#3 is Aviva’s Friend

From analysts to authors, these influencers’ insights, advice, and points of view will keep you better informed when it comes to analytics, BI, and its relation to successfully moving both people and brands forward in 2019:

1. Kirk Borne

Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton
Follow Kirk on Twitter: @KirkDBorne

2. Ronald van Loon

Top 10 Influencer in Big Data, IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics
Follow Ronald on Twitter: @Ronald_vanLoon

3. KDnuggets

Online Publication Dedicated to Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, and Machine Learning
Follow KDnuggets on Twitter: @kdnuggets

4. Ray Wang

Founder and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research; Disrupting Digital Business Author
Follow Ray on Twitter: @rwang0

5. Yves Mulkers

Boulder BI Brain Trust Member; Founder of 7wData
Follow Yves on Twitter: @YvesMulkers

6. Marcus Borba

Founder and Principal Consultant, Borba Consulting; Boulder BI Brain Trust Member
Follow Marcus on Twitter: @marcusborba

7. Howard Dresner

Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services; The Performance Management Revolution Author
Follow Howard on Twitter: @howarddresner

8. Cindi Howson

Research Vice President, Gartner, Focusing on BI and Analytics
Follow Cindi on Twitter: @BIScorecard

9. Mark Smith

CEO and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research
Follow Mark on Twitter: @marksmithvr

10. Boris Evelson

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
Follow Boris on Twitter: @bevelson

11. Doug Henschen

Vice President and Principal Analyst Focusing on Data-driven Decision Making, Constellation Research
Follow Doug on Twitter: @DHenschen

12. Wayne Eckerson

Founder and Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group
Follow Wayne on Twitter: @weckerson

13. Tom Davenport

President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College; Co-founder of International Institute for Analytics; Competing on AnalyticsAuthor
Follow Tom on Twitter: @tdav

14. Dan Vesset

Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Manager, IDC
Follow Dan on Twitter: @DanVesset

15. David Menninger

Senior Vice President and Research Director of Data and Analytics, Ventana Research
Follow Dave on Twitter: @dmenningervr

16. David Stodder

Director of Research, TDWI
Follow David on Twitter: @dbstodder

17. Rita Sallam

Vice President Analyst and Gartner Fellow in Data and Analytics, Gartner
Follow Rita on Twitter: @rsallam

18. Carlie Idoine

Research Director for Business Analytics and Data Science, Gartner
Follow Carlie on Twitter: @CarlieIdoine

19. Carsten Bange

Founder, BARC Research
Follow Carsten on Twitter: @carstenbange

20. Chandana Gopal

Research Manager, Analytics and Information Management, IDC
Follow Chandana on Twitter: @chagopal

Read more right now from one of the influencers referenced above, Constellation Research Founder and Disrupting Digital Business author Ray Wang. Download The Role of Data in Digital Transformation. Have an influencer you’d like to see featured in a future list? Send me a message via Twitter or LinkedIn.



Aviva’s friends are:

  • #10 (since 1995) and
  • #44 (since 1976)
10 Gregory Piatetsky kdnuggets 48K 70.35


44 Gil Press GilPress 9K 62.85



By Matthew Mayo.

Geo-data company Maptive has recently published a post titled “A Data-Backed Approach: The Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow in 2016.” The post consists of a top influencer list that is both exhaustive and informative. Each influencer listed comes with basic professional biographical information, a computed score (the higher the better), and some of their best articles, videos, and other resources. Somewhat oddly (especially given that the list originates from a data-centric organization and is about data influencers), the formula for computing the “score” is not revealed, which is a little troubling. However, as with all data samples, including lists like these, the more the better, and so with or without an explanation of the score we can still gain insight from this particular instance.



here is the countdown:

Rank Name Twitter Followers Score
50 Andy Cotgreave acotgreave 6K 61.75
49 Eric Debray ericdebray 4K 61.9
48 Lisa-Christina Winter lisachwinter 10K 62
47 Jen Underwood idigdata 6K 62.45
46 Ben Lorica BigData 30K 62.65
45 Joe Burridge JoeFindsTalent 51K 62.75
44 Gil Press GilPress 9K 62.85
43 Scott Brinker chiefmartec 22K 62.9
42 Merv Adrian merv 23K 63
41 Alistair Croll acroll 20K 63.5
40 Timo Elliott timoelliott 18K 63.6
39 Edd Dumbill edd 10K 63.7
38 Cameron Marlow cameronmarlow 4K 63.85
37 DJ Patil DJ44 18K 63.9
36 Ajit Jaokar AjitJaokar 7K 64
35 Mathias Golombek EXAGolo 28K 64.45
34 Doug Laney Doug_Laney 37K 64.55
33 Peter Skomoroch peteskomoroch 28K 64.65
32 Michael Wu mich8elwu 11K 64.85
31 Theo Priestley ITreduc 8K 64.96
30 John Furrier furrier 20K 65
29 Carla Gentry data_nerd 27K 65.1
28 Emilio Ferrara jabawack 31K 65.2
27 John Burn-Murdoch jburnmurdoch 7K 65.3
26 Matt Asay mjasay 16K 65.45
25 Louis Columbus LouisColumbus 21K 65.5
24 Holger Mueller holgermu 17K 65.7
23 Tristan Bishop KnowledgeBishop 56K 65.8
22 Diego Kuonen DiegoKuonen 5K 65.9
21 Yves Mulkers YvesMulkers 21K 66.15
20 Bernard Marr BernardMarr 86K 66.5
19 Jeremy Waite jeremywaite 93K 67.5
18 R Ray Wang rwang0 80K 67.6
17 Hadley Wickham hadleywickham 23K 68
16 Mike Briercliffe mikejulietbravo 54K 68.5
15 Evan Sinar EvanSinar 29K 68.6
14 Bob E. Hayes bobehayes 5K 68.65
13 Dez Blanchfield dez_blanchfield 77K 68.7
12 Andrew Ng andrewng 48K 69.5
11 Hilary Mason hmason 68K 70
10 Gregory Piatetsky kdnuggets 48K 70.35
9 Ronald van Loon Ronald_vanLoon 29K 71.5
8 Hans Rosling HansRosling 296K 72.05
7 Randy Olson randal_olson 80K 73
6 Vincent Granville analyticbridge 128K 73.5
5 Timothy Hughes Timothy_Hughes 134K 73.6
4 Kirk Borne kirkdborne 58K 74
3 Vala Afshar ValaAfshar 101K 78.5
2 Simon Porter simonlporter 66K 80.5
1 Nate Silver NateSilver538 1328K 81

Bio: Matthew Mayo is a computer science graduate student currently working on his thesis parallelizing machine learning algorithms. He is also a student of data mining, a data enthusiast, and an aspiring machine learning scientist.




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