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LPBI Group announces 5th Academic INTERNSHIP as a Verifiable Certificate in Financial Modeling & Econometrics as One Semester or as One Year Program open to Undergraduate and MBA students

Author: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN

5th Internship in FINANCE:

Open to College students 3rd year or MBA students that need a Project to submit like a Capstone or a Thesis that involve INDEPENDENT under supervision & mentorship CREATIVE research – Diving with a Mentor into dealing with unresolved problems in the topic of Intellectual Property Asset Valuation – rough waters, daring to do so by thinking out of the Box !!!!!!!

  • No existing solution fits our problem
  • We need to device a solution a new
  • Aviva will be the guide

Candidate had academic courses in college on Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Operations Research, Probability

  • Candidate masters FORMULAS in Excel
  • Candidate can code a computer program and use statistical packages
  • Candidate is savvy and agile, enjoys experiments with data and get needs experience with BIG DATA to become a Data Scientist in graduate School
  • Able to go to literature with guidance and fetch and use what was found in literature to apply and further the research agenda

As an example:

A perspective on the valuation of companies with significant Intangible assets, like LPBI is presented and analyzed in the following curation on the Intangible Asset of Firm’s Reputation. In the case of LPBI, the intangible assets it possesses are key determinants of its reputation and digital reputation on the Internet as is the case in the Media World.

The Digital Age Gave Rise to New Definitions – New Benchmarks were born on the World Wide Web for the Intangible Asset of Firm’s Reputation: Pay a Premium for buying e-Reputation

PROJECT DEFINITION: Develop a Valuation Model for an Intellectual Property Portfolio of Digital Assets in Pharmaceutical Media that includes Intangible assets as well.

Under development

· IP Valuation Model per IP asset class is needed to be compared with Master_Financials and to supplement it

· Pricing Model and Product Mix Models for the digital products to be generated by the process of Text Analysis with NLP are using a Product Price List already developed.

· The scenarios for a Probabilistic Product Mix for the B2B sector are work-in-progress. 

· Scenarios of Product Mix for $500,000 B2B engagements with NLP scaling up with NLP Alliances. The Alliances are the Labor component and LPBI is Materials as 25% of the contract price, on top of total, to be paid by the B2B customer as materials in use of the engagement.

· B2C on Blockchain will use the Price List for all Digital Products of LPBI 1.0 and LPBI 2.0 – pay per use

· Product list will be in use for B2C vs Engagements to be used for B2B

• LPBI’s Valuation of Intellectual Property does not correspond to the Discount Rate of Net Present Value (NPV) which is the difference between the present value of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows over a period of time. NPV is used in capital budgeting and investment planning to analyze the profitability of a projected investment or project. It does not correspond because nor the innovation type or the rate of innovations are predictable by any set of assumptions that would under lie such models.

• LPBI’s Valuation of Intellectual Property does not correspond to its revenues derived from Royalties on Books. The Pay per View as practiced by Page Download is hindering books sales and Royalties are determined by Amazon.com have never been in favor of Authors. Our page download equate to 64 books not sold because of the option of Pay per View.

• LPBI’s Intellectual Property is a factor of production as input to the Drug discovery process, see Mission 4, below or Claims adjudication, see Mission 1, below.

• LPBI’s Intellectual Property is a critical component in information syndication of Pharmaceutical Media, see Mission 3, below

• LPBI’s Intellectual Property has the potential to become an input into the development process of software application development for Pharma and Biotech by IT Organizations like Apple Health, Intel Health, Google’s Verily, SAP, Oracle and IBM Watson.

• LPBI’s Intellectual Property is a formidable candidate for a Holding company with existing Online health publishing, Health Care Media, Web-Health and Health Information Markets, i.e., KKR

• LPBI’s Intellectual Property is an attractive candidate for the EDTech industry supplying education content for the the Global and very fast growing emerging Online Education sector including all tiers of the Academic ecosystem   getting blurred boundaries such as Ivy League institutions offering Certificates along the side of academic degrees. Certificates are coveted by employers. LPBI is running a One year Academic Certificate in NLP for Medical Text Analysis in Mission #1 and in Synthetic Biology Software in Mission #4.

LPBI Opportunities Map is comprehensive and includes 12 Economic Segments include the follwoing: Holding Companies; Investment Bankers and Private Equity; Information Technology Companies – Health Care; Scientific Publishers; Big Pharma; Internet Health Care Media & Digital Health; Online Education; Health Insurance Companies & HMOs; Medical and Pharma Associations; Medical Education; Information Syndicators; Global Biotech & Pharmaceutical Conference Organizer and CRO & CRA.

SOURCE: Opportunities Map in the Acquisition Arena


LPBI Group runs FOUR ACADEMIC INTERNSHIPS as verifiable Certificate Programs a One Year long or a One Semester long: Volunteer base – you earn TRAINING and a CERTIFICATE Tuition FREE

LPBI has Students and their education goals in mind:

  • We Offer esteemed Affiliation, Mentorship by Scientists
  • NEW skills development in NLP, ML, AI applications to Medical Text Analysis
  • Skills in Synthetic Biology for Drug Discovery
  • References and Resume paragraph on accomplishments and goals during the INTERNSHIP
  • Opportunity to contribute to Publications and Podcasting
  • Explorations of opportunities in Life Sciences in the US

These are the FOUR ACADEMIC INTERNSHIPS as verifiable Certificate Programs One year or One semester: Volunteer base

  1. NLP – Medical Text Analysis https://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com/2021-medical-text-analysis-nlp/
  2. Synthetic Biology in Drug Discovery targeting Galectins https://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com/synthetic-biology-in-drug-discovery/
  3. IT Projects and Administration of IP Asset Classes. we developed a Plan for SOPs for LPBI Group’s IT & Data Science Management Projects

Informations technology & systems of LPBI: Journal, Books, e-Proceedings & Tweet Collections and GALLERY of +6,200 Biological Images. All the platforms: Authoring, publishing and portals. Business analytics for Internet platforms presence: Twitter Analytics +1,100 followers of two handles and LinkedIn ~8,000 1st degree connections of LPBI’s Founder, including +500 CEOs.

4. BLOCKCHAIN Architecture Design: Interface to NLP. The powerful aspect is hydrating a knowledge graph with NLP inferences so that they can be used for DISCOVERY. Storing those inferences on a blockchain have the value of committing the NLP inferences to a blockchain for purposes of provenance. However, the very important part is The INFRASTRUCTURE behind BurstIQ which is NOT JUST A BLOCKCHAIN. NLP-Blockchain IT Infrastructure is needed. The NLP inferences are part of a knowledge graph database In BurstIQ case is a LifeGraph – the larger architecture of the system functionality [the voice of Erich G., Chief Architect, LPBI Blockchain Mission #2].

For immediate consideration: Submit CV as MS Word file to:



Boston, MA, USA

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