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Reporter: Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN

UPDATED on 5/9/2013 – based on Sondra’s e-mail to me on 5/9/2013

Sondra’s Voice on 5/9

I was SHOCKED and ecstatic to discover that the book hit #1 Amazon best seller among cell biology books.  It was also in the top 100 of “new thought” books.

Thank you so much for helping it get there.  If you already purchased a book, please take the time to write a review at Amazon,  GoodReads, Sounds True, wherever you enjoy reading about books.

If you haven’t yet received a copy, here’s an opportunity to win a free copy.

As mentioned last time, Tami Simon, founder and publisher of Sounds True, interviewed me recently for her Insights at the Edge series -Part 1:  YOUR CELLS ARE LISTENING.  If you’d like a candid look at my current and controversial interpretation of our cells’ intelligence, please listen.  You can also read the transcript of the interview. You may even discover for yourself, what your cells know to help you thrive.

Part two of the interview is now out.  It was fun to do.  You can download a file, read the transcript, enjoy!

I’m keeping this short and to the point.  You’ve helped make the book reach one goal – it can now be called an Amazon best-seller.  However an even bigger goal is to share the helpful information inside the book to folks who can use it – healers, people challenged by illness, stress, spiritual seekers, thinkers and tinkerers.

To that end, I am once again ‘out in the world’ doing book signings (July, August), workshops (August), and talks (September-November). I’d like to offer experential programs also to children so if you have any ideas or leads for that possibility, please let me know.

We’re also working on radio interviews and other media outreach.  What I am discovering – it’s as much work, if not more, promoting the book as it was to write it.  It is not so much just about the book, it’s what’s  inside.  Just like you and me, it’s what’s inside that is the most important to other people.

Stretch Your Self

One of the core themes in Secrets of Your Cells is the fact that tensions and stresses on our cells’ inner matrix  influence their actions and health.  When we extrapolate what has been learned by science about this structure of our cells, we find that it is a place where yoga, walking, stretching, dancing, singing, qigong, can have their beneficial effects.

A profound scientific discovery, first by Harvard scientist Dr. Donald Ingber, showed that stretching  and releasing tensions by the cell affects genetic expression. In other words, the simple practice of contracting and releasing physical tensions reverberates to our tiniest cells and even to our invisible consciousness.

Take your cells for a walk.  They will show their thanks in many ways.

Most promising forthcoming book by my friend, another University of California, Berkeley Alumna, Sondra Barett, PhD

Her acclaimed gift in Photography adorns the Cover Page of our forthcoming e-Book on Genomics, scroll down for the second image by Sondra Barett, PhD


Sondra’s Voice:

I’m writing to tell you about a forthcoming book, Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering

Your Body’s Inner Intelligence (Sounds True, on sale May 1, 2013) by Sondra Barrett,

PhD, biochemist, mind-body medicine teacher, and author.

About the book:

Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence puts cutting-edge

biology into practice for healing body, mind, and spirit. Bringing together a powerful

synthesis of easy-to understand science and ancient wisdom

traditions, “Secrets” offers a compelling and controversial new

look at our cells as our hidden teachers.

Researching children’s cancers brought medical scientist Sondra

Barrett, PhD into real life issues of families suffering, life, and

death. It also catapulted her into a spiritual quest to discover

more about healing.

In Secrets of Your Cells, Dr. Barrett takes an expansive

approach to our cellular universe. As she moves from our

molecular creation, she frames our cells’ roles in human health

and culture in a completely new and fresh way. By exploring the

development, design, and intelligence of human cells and working with people with lifethreatening

illnesses, Dr. Barrett became intrigued that perhaps the inner life of our cells

could add value to our own personal lives.

Beyond their biochemical abilities and knowledge for living, listening and thriving, our

cells carry powerful intelligence to assist us in letting go, diminishing stress and finding

deeper meaning in life.

• What can cells teach us about letting go that may influence genetic expression?

• What 5 things do our cells reveal about thriving physically and spiritually?

• What and where is cellular intelligence?

Willingly embracing the deep-rooted conflict between science and spirituality, Dr. Barrett

offers new controversial ideas that ancient sacred traditions may, in fact, have roots in

our cells and molecules. By searching for the sacred within our cells we might well find

the divine within ourselves.

One tip from your cells: Remembering gratitude with your heart, senses and mind of

your cells brings peacefulness to all of you.

For fans of Dr. Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief) or Dr. Candace Pert (Molecules of

Emotion), Dr. Barrett’s provocative ideas and practical strategies will further inspire and

educate them.

Author’s BIO

Sondra Barrett, PhD, is a medical scientist and teacher with a degree in biochemistry

from the University of Illinois Medical School followed by a post-doctoral fellowship in

immunology and hematology at the University of California Medical School (UCSF). She

was on the faculty at UCSF for a decade engaged in basic cancer research, which led

her to bridge medical science and healing strategies for children and adults with lifethreatening


She has delivered programs throughout the United States as well as for University of

California, California Pacific Medical Center, Sonoma State, Apple Computer, Esalen,

California Institute of Integral Studies and numerous institutions throughout the Bay

Area. An award-winning photographer and long-time student of qigong and shamanism,

Sondra also explores the inner world of wine and our senses and is the author of book

Wine’s Hidden Beauty.

Book Title: SECRETS OF YOUR CELLS: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence

Author: Sondra Barrett, PhD

ISBN: 978-1-60407-626-4

ebook ISBN: 978-1-60407-819-0

Publication date: May 1, 2013

Publisher: Sounds True

Books are available online at Sounds True, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indie Books

and bookstores.

Additional Links

Online Interviews – “Insights at the Edge” – Sounds True publisher Tami Simon

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