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World’s First 3D-printed ‘Sneezeometer’ Will Help Asthma Patients

Reported by : Irina Robu, PhD

Researchers at University of Surrrey has developed the world’s first sneezeometer using an airflow sensor that is sensitive enough to measure the speed of sneeze to help diagnose diverse respiratory conditions twice as fast. The current devices are expensive and  lack sensitivy in difficult diagnostic situations.

Surrey’s sneezometer is ultra-sensitive and measures the flow rate of air through a patient’s lungs. The sneezometer is fast and sensitive enough to pick up tiny fluctuations int he breath’s flow rate when the patient breathes through the instrument. After the development of the Surrey’s sneezometer, researchers are currently exploring its diagnostic capabilities.

According to Dr. Birch from University of Surrey’s Aerodynamics and Environmental Flow research Group explained, “Breathing disorders are highly prevalent in both the developed and developing world”. The diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory diseases is crucial to proper treatment. This sneezometer that has been developed is a simple, low-cost and non-intrusive diagnostic solution that will make doctors’ lives easier.

The device is currently used in clinical trials at King’s College Hospital in London to help develop a wide range conditions from neonatal settings through to animal diseases. The ability to monitor the sensitivity of airflow detection makes this very useful for both research and clinical perspective.

Surrey’s researchers envisions that the new device could be in clinical service as soon as 2018 and will have a true impact on the lives of patience living with chronic illnesses. The device will make the diagnosis more accurate, faster, and cheaper.



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