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New treatment for AMI

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator



Combining Umbilical Cord Cells with Hyaluronic Acid Improves Heart Repair After a Heart Attack


Enabling Technologies for Cell-Based Clinical Translation:Injection of Human Cord Blood Cells With Hyaluronan Improves Postinfarction Cardiac Repair in Pigs

Ming-Yao ChangTzu-Ting HuangChien-Hsi ChenBill ChengShiaw-Min HwangPatrick C.H. Hsieh

Stem Cells Trans Med first published on November 16, 2015;doi:10.5966/sctm.2015-0092  

Injection of Human Cord Blood Cells With Hyaluronan Improves Postinfarction Cardiac Repair in Pigs

 Although safe, recent clinical trials using autologous bone marrow or peripheral blood cells to treat myocardial infarction (MI) show controversial results. These discrepancies are likely caused by factors such as aging, systemic inflammation, and cell processing procedures, all of which might impair the regenerative capability of the cells used. Here, we tested whether injection of human cord blood mononuclear cells (CB-MNCs) combined with hyaluronan (HA) hydrogel improves cell therapy efficacy in a pig MI model. A total of 34 minipigs were divided into 5 groups: sham operation (Sham), surgically induced-MI plus injection with normal saline (MI+NS), HA only (MI+HA), CB-MNC only (MI+CB-MNC), or CB-MNC combined with HA (MI+CB-MNC/HA). Two months after the surgery, injection of MI+CB-MNC/HA showed the highest left ventricle ejection fraction (51.32% ± 0.81%) compared with MI+NS (42.87% ± 0.97%, p < .001), MI+HA (44.2% ± 0.63%, p < .001), and MI+CB-MNC (46.17% ± 0.39%, p < .001) groups. The hemodynamics data showed that MI+CB-MNC/HA improved the systolic function (+dp/dt) and diastolic function (−dp/dt) as opposed to the other experimental groups, of which the CB-MNC alone group only modestly improved the systolic function (+dp/dt). In addition, CB-MNC alone or combined with HA injection significantly decreased the scar area and promoted angiogenesis in the infarcted region. Together, these results indicate that combined CB-MNC and HA treatment improves heart performance and may be a promising treatment for ischemic heart diseases.


This study using healthy human cord blood mononuclear cells (CB-MNCs) to treat myocardial infarction provides preclinical evidence that combined injection of hyaluronan and human CB-MNCs after myocardial infarction significantly increases cell retention in the peri-infarct area, improves cardiac performance, and prevents cardiac remodeling. Moreover, using healthy cells to replace dysfunctional autologous cells may constitute a better strategy to achieve heart repair and regeneration.


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