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Physical and Gradients Fields Effects on Living Cells

Author: Danut Dragoi, PhD

All physical fields and their gradients, electric, magnetic, gravitational, see link in here, have an influence on living cells. A special field called contact field associated with chemical potential which is the working horse of Pharmaceutical Industry, has a fast and efficient influence on living cells. If the first category of physical fields is acting from a distance from the target, the second category is invasive due to assumed ideal contact with the target cells. Each field acting on living cells has a timing effect, which is more higher the less interaction is. The largest effects is remarked on their fields gradient effects, where mechanical forces associated with the gradients act on micro-objects/organelles irrespective of the electrical or magnetization states, except the chemical potentials.

The gradient force of low interacting fields is more effective when the micro object in the living cells is an ion such as Na+, K+, Ca++ or a small molecule. The high molecular weight of living cells bearing an electrical charge is most likely less influenced by physical fields and gradients because of their large mass. However, some surface charge interaction with the fields should be considered because of surface states creation and macromolecules slightly modify their functionality in human body. Based on the principle of Quantum Mechanics, the moving ions, and nutrients in a submicroscopic volume like a cylinder or sphere that can define an organelle / ribosome can be quantized. By the actual knowledge no in-vivo studies of Applied Quantum Mechanics are devised yet, mainly because of lack of methodology and technology.

Table below shows bio-objects, see link in here, at slide # 30,  by their sizes in nanometers range that are prone to be quantized.

How big is a CEll

Image SOURCEhttp://www.slideshare.net/BiologyIB/cells-powerpoint

It is suggested that the moving electrical charges in living cells can be influenced by electrical, magnetical and electro-magnetical fields (fields dependent of time). For example a low interaction between a magnetic field and red blood cells that has a magnetic ions, Fe+++ (the ferrous ion that relates with carrying Oxygen), see link in here, or Fe++( when is not carrying Oxygen), see link in here, has a suggested long time interaction that implies the magnetic field should be non-variable or periodic with a very long time periods. A way to increase the interaction of magnetic field in living cells is to make it variable. In this case the time period is short (NB-interacting time) when the frequency of the field is high. When the frequency of the field is high, an electrical field is induced and the effect is no longer magnetic.

An application for variable magnetic fields was found in TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), see link in here. The application of magnetic fields in-vivo suggests a weak effect on moving small organelles and electrical charges that usually are parts of chemical bonds.

Regarding the chirality form of living molecules in human body the spinorial effects induced by a magnetic field, even low intensity, should have an answer through quantum mechanics, in which a wave function, associated to the bio-micro-object like DNA, has two components, spin up and spin down. Since the human cells embryo are evolving in a constant Earth magnetic field and relative long interaction time, the cells select the right spin direction according with a low Gibbs free energy, see link in here.







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