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UC Berkeley accelerates bio-preservation research as part NSF center

Reporter: Irina Robu, PhD

National Science Foundation funded a new research center which focuses on advancing methods for storing and preserving biological cells and tissues. The new center will be directed by John Bischof at the University of Minnesota  and co-directed by Mehmet Toner at Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with researchers from UC Berkeley and UC Riverside. It is known that the inability to extend shelf life of biological tissues means that patients in Florida can’t receive a heart or lung from California. And when thawing any cell culture, the survival rate of the cells are about  60 percent, which is considered normal .

NSF Engineering Research Centers were founded to bring together academic and industry partners in interdisciplinary collaborations to tackle complex, long-range engineering challenges. The anticipation is that the centers will brood whole new industries with new systems-level technologies. In 2025, the award for ATP-Bio may be renewed for an additional five years.



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