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Life-changing surgical blade technology to enhance patient healing

Reporter: Irina Robu, PhD

Entrepix Medical, a US based start-up specializes in applying nano-polishing technology introduced a new life-changing surgical blade technology considered to advance patient healing. The start-up claims its Planatome technology which applies a patented nano-polishing process to erase manufacturing defects found on standard scalpels and gives the surgical instruments an ultra-smooth and consistent cutting surface.

According to Entrepix Medical, their surgical blade technology improves pos-procedures outcome including faster healing, increase wound strength, minimizes chances of infections, less pain, less scaring and reduced nerve damage.  Their studies have shown wound closure rates from incisions made using Planatome technology can be larger than 90 percent after 24 hours, compared to 10% attained by traditional scalpels.

Entrepix Medical studies show that nerves incised with a Planatome blade demonstrated 25% recovery five weeks after surgery, while a nerve cut with a standard scalpel showed a 9% recovery and after 12 weeks, the nerves incised with a Planatome blade showed a 92% recovery.

Planatome Technology by Entrepix Medical reevaluates surgical potentials for both the surgeon and patient by familiarizing the most advanced nano-polishing technology used in microchip manufacturing and applying it to surgical instruments. A Planatome blade is the only surgical instrument of its kind that provides the atomic level precision and consistency required to minimize these possible difficulties.



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