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www.linkedin.com/in/demetsag Dr. Sag has speciliazed in Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology. Applied her strong scientific knowledge on translational research for diagnostics and targeted therapies with cutting edge technologies. She turns around failing projects to the completion by gathering resources, training others if necessary, and manage budgets to execute them on time correctly. Worked in public, private and federal working environments with stellar scientists. These interactions brought her an important perspective to solve obstacles wisely. She has experienced both in academic and industrial settings which is very unique. Warm persona with ironmade standards on work ethics, time management, work-life balance that will benefit any team. Specialties PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Gene Therapy, Antifungal Therapy, Biotechnology, Biosensors DISCOVERY: Embryonic Stem Cell, Translational Research, Genome Structure and Function, Epigenetics.

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