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Specialties: innovation, cancer biology, pancreatic disorders, biologics, process development, molecular and cellular biology. I am a research scientist/ bioscience consultant based in Montréal, Canada. I have a combined 10 years of biotech/ basic/ translational cancer research experience (Webb-Waring Centre, University of Bath, University of Leeds, LPBI Group, McGill University, Independent Consulting) with discovery and development of biologics (oncolytic adenoviral vectors), next generation sequence based cancer target discovery, and development of cancer cell and tissue models, including a PhD in cancer biology (University of Leeds, UK). I have engineered adenoviral vectors for pancreatic cancer, supported the development of a pancreatic cancer tissue culture model, identified potential targets in MCPyV positive Merkel cell carcinoma, supported the development of a tissue culture model of the neuromuscular junction, and developed a differentiation competent mouse mammary cell line model of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT). I have consulted on process development from discovery to preclinical filing of investigational new drug (IND) antibody biologics in Canada, and have served as expert consultant for due diligence in biologics/ cell therapy on the Propel(x) platform. I solve problems with a first principles approach. I am innovative, have an entrepreneurial spirit and actively contribute to creating a collaborative, productive and scientifically rigorous working environment. Feel free to get in touch to discuss opportunities. https://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com/contributors-biographies/experts-authors-writers-eaws/david-orchard-webb-phd-mts-scientist-ii-drugdiscovery-lpbi-group-cancer-indication/ https://ca.linkedin.com/in/david-orchard-webb-a49a3187

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