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Delineation of metabolic pathways are leading to novel insights into the way cancer cells behave. A recent study demonstrated the metabolic programs that drive glioblastoma, most aggressive form of glioma. Dr. Prakash Chinnaiyan’s group from Moffitt Cancer Center identified metabolic signatures that may pave a way for personalized therapy in glioma. They presented their findings in Cancer Research, the premier journal of American Association of Cancer Research.

This study used metabolomics,  which is the global quantitative assessment of metabolites within a biological system, to identify some of the central metabolic pathways that allow for these tumors to grow. These findings provide a unique insight into the underlying biology of glioma and appear to have prognostic significance.

These studies conducted global metabolomic profiling on patient-derived glioma specimens and identified specific metabolic programs differentiating low- and high-grade tumors, with the metabolic signature of glioblastoma reflecting accelerated anabolic metabolism. When coupled with transcriptional profiles, Dr. Chinnaiyan’s group identified the metabolic phenotype of the mesenchymal subtype to consist of accumulation of the glycolytic intermediate phosphoenolpyruvate and decreased pyruvate kinase activity. Unbiased hierarchical clustering of metabolomic profiles identified three subclasses, which they termed energetic, anabolic, and phospholipid catabolism with prognostic relevance. These studies represent the first global metabolomic profiling of glioma, offering a previously undescribed window into their metabolic heterogeneity, and provide the requisite framework for strategies designed to target metabolism in this rapidly fatal malignancy.


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